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Car Accidents

Framingham Car Accident Lawyers

Anyone who travels Boston metro area roadways is aware of risks involving heavy traffic, negligent drivers, and a wide spectrum of vehicles. Tragically, serious car accidents occur virtually every hour of every day. If you have been a victim, getting the compensation you deserve may depend on your decision to contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer such as Jeffrey A. Gorlick.

Serious Representation for Boston Area Car Accident Victims

We know from decades of experience advocating for hundreds of car accident victims -- hurt in scenarios ranging from low-speed collisions to devastating wrecks involving large commercial trucks -- that the outcome of your case may depend on our fast response. We move quickly, take nothing for granted, and focus on ensuring you focus on getting the medical care and treatment you need as we take assertive action to protect your legal rights.

A Track Record of Obtaining Substantial Compensation for Our Clients

Through investigative skills and diligent case preparation, as well as proven strength in negotiations and at trial, we have won sizable verdicts and settlements for victims of many car crash, including:

  • A $1.28 million settlement for a 30-year-old man who suffered disabling spinal injuries in a collision with a back hoe that came loose on Route 128
  • A $2.43 million settlement for a married couple who suffered fractures and an amputation injury when their motorcycle was struck by a drunk driver after a company function
  • Numerous six-figure court judgments and settlements for neck and back injuries and a wide range of physical impairments suffered in rear-end collisions, motorcycle wrecks, and other serious car accidents.

Comprehensive Attention to Insurance Issues and Your Medical Recovery

Our clients, who often come from communities such as Framingham and Waltham, Massachusetts and elsewhere in the Boston Metro West and North areas, can depend on our knowledge of all forms of auto and health insurance coverage. We will help you deal effectively with property damage as well as medical consequences and bills. We are adept at identifying all sources of recovery and demonstrating the total costs and impact of your injuries.

You Take No Financial Risk when You Call Us for Counsel

Making a call to 781-489-3750 as soon as possible after your car accident could be a critical step for your personal and financial future. Our law firm offers a free initial consultation, and you will owe no attorney fees unless we take your case and obtain a settlement or verdict that benefits you.