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Construction Site Accidents

Boston Metro Area Lawyer for Injured Construction Workers

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Gorlick, P.C., we have strong awareness of the many safety hazards faced by workers on construction sites. Our experience, spanning over 25 years and covering cases arising from the Boston "Big Dig," is a tremendous asset for you if you have suffered serious injuries at work on a construction project.

Attorney Jeffrey A. Gorlick offers a free case evaluation, dependable straight talk on every aspect of your situation, and services on a full contingency basis. Our legal team will aggressively pursue your workers' compensation claim if needed, and also pursue litigation against liable parties other than your employer. You can count on us to go the distance when taking action on your valid personal injury claim.

Falls — Impact Injuries — Worksite Vehicle and Equipment Accidents

We are well prepared to investigate what happened, determine all sources of possible recovery, and substantiate your medical costs and other losses after:

  • A fall from a ladder, scaffolding, or other heights
  • Impact by falling objects or debris
  • A vehicle accident caused by someone's negligence on your construction site
  • Any injury caused by defects or improper maintenance involving heavy equipment or machinery such as a crane, forklift, or power tools

Obtaining Meaningful Settlements for Construction Accident Victims

Our law firm's successful recoveries for construction site accident victims have included:

  • A $150,000 settlement for a 37-year-old painter who fell from swing staging in Everett, Massachusetts, suffering a low back sprain and aggravation of an existing back condition
  • A workers' compensation lump-sum settlement of $265,000 for a Boston construction worker with permanently disabling hand injuries after previously recovering $158,000.00 in weekly workmen's compensation benefits

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Our West Metro law firm, conveniently located for people in the Waltham and Framingham, Massachusetts, areas, is committed to treating each potential client with care and respect. We offer a free case evaluation and tenacious pursuit of justice, every step of the way.