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Dog Bites

Proven Personal Injury Lawyer for Dog Bite Victims

If you or a loved one has been injured by someone's dog in the Framingham or Waltham, Massachusetts, areas or elsewhere in the Boston metro, please contact us now. Our state has a strong "strict liability" statute covering these events and, depending on circumstances, you may be able to recover needed financial compensation.

Our Strict Liability Law May Support Your Case for Recovery

It is a common misconception that legal action on a dog bite or attack is practical only if the dog was known to be vicious or dangerous. Owners and keepers are responsible for injuries caused by their dogs and other pets — whether or not the animal has bitten or attacked before.

Valid Legal Action May Arise from a Dog Chase, Knockdown, or other Event

Injuries caused by dogs are common and can be very severe. Children are common victims, as are mail carriers and others who have reason to visit many different private and commercial properties. In addition to lacerations and permanent scarring that can require surgery and have lifelong consequences, there are many documented cases of neck and back injuries, fractures and other injuries suffered by:

  • Pedestrians injured when they are knocked down or trip and fall trying to escape from a dog
  • People on bicycles who are injured in a collision or other accident while being chased

Dogs and other pets can cause severe, actionable injuries without biting. For example, our firm succeeded in obtaining a $75,000 settlement for a young man who suffered a facial laceration when a homeowner's dog jumped into a swimming pool and scratched his face. This sizable recovery was justified by the need for stitches and a lasting facial scar.

Most recoveries in dog bite cases are derived from premises liability law and homeowner's insurance coverage, but we are adept at pursuing all angles to get justice and compensation for our clients. Even if your specific situation does not fall under the strict liability law, we will look for a valid opportunity to prove someone's negligence on your behalf.

Take Action Quickly to Protect Your Case and Your Rights

To speak with a dedicated attorney about injuries caused by a dog or other animal — without any obligation or financial risk — please contact our Wellesley law offices at 781-489-3750. If we believe you may have a case, you can count on our aggressive pursuit of all facts in your favor.