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Slip & Fall Accidents

An Injury Attorney for Your Serious Slip-and-Fall Claim

Some personal injury lawyers may not be willing to hear you out about a possible slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall claim, because it can be difficult to sort out those that are valid and actionable. The burden of proof for this type of premises liability case is also heavy.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Gorlick, P.C., we have the knowledge and investigative skills to win compensation for you in a legitimate slip-and-fall case. Your ability to prevail may depend on a decision to contact us quickly, however, before the conditions that caused your action are altered or removed.

A Track Record of Positive Results for the Injured

Favorable results we have obtained for people hurt in Massachusetts slip-and-fall and trip-and fall accidents include:

  • A mediated settlement totaling $1.15 million for a woman who fell down a flight of eight granite steps leaving her workplace in Newton – suffering a brain injury that was initially difficult to diagnose
  • A $400,000 settlement for a 55-year-old female office worker who suffered wrist, hand and shoulder injuries requiring surgery due to a fall related to snow and ice in a Woburn parking lot
  • A $100,000 settlement – the maximum under a homeowner's policy limit – for a man who tripped over a snow-covered drain pipe on a sidewalk in Belmont

Emphasizing Thorough Investigation and Fact-Finding

Our legal team succeeds for our clients through diligence in essential steps such as:

  • Determining who had ownership or control over the area, and locating applicable premises liability insurance coverage or another avenue for recovery
  • Gathering as many details as possible on how the trip or slip-and-fall occurred and whether it was caused by a defect that should have been addressed
  • Taking snow and ice-related falls seriously, including looking thoroughly into whether a commercial or residential building owner has a contractual responsibility for plowing and removal and/or whether an outside plow company has responsibility for snow and ice removal.

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We want you to get the medical treatment you need after a fall. Injuries sometimes appear minor at first, but turn out to require surgery or be a serious impairment. We also want you to contact us for a free case evaluation if you believe someone's negligence caused your accident near Waltham, Framingham, or elsewhere in the Boston, Massachusetts, metro area.