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Workers' Compensation

Pursuing Maximum Compensation for Your Work Injuries

Many people who suffer injuries in the workplace are also victims of a misconception. Workers' compensation insurance is an important source of benefits, but in some cases a third party – such as a contractor, commercial landlord, property owner, consultant or equipment manufacturer – can also be held liable for what happened to you.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Gorlick, P.C., we are well prepared to vigorously pursue maximum benefits associated with your workers' compensation claim. Equally important, when you contact us, you enlist the efforts of a proven personal injury trial lawyer who will investigate all other opportunities for you to obtain full and fair compensation.

Proven Knowledge of Your Rights Under Workers' Compensation Laws

You can rely on our knowledge of Massachusetts workers' compensation statutes and administrative procedures, including applications, hearings and appeals. You can also benefit from our investigative skills and resources: Our commitment to people in the Framingham and Waltham areas and throughout the Boston, Massachusetts, area includes dedication to maximizing compensation by all legal means.

A Veteran Trial Lawyer Capable of Maximizing Your Financial Recovery

In one significant construction site injury case, our client suffered a disabling hand injury diagnosed as Raynaud's Syndrome. Our efforts on his behalf resulted in a lump sum workers' compensation settlement of $265,000. In a range of other workplace injury cases, we have established liability and recovered money from parties other than the employer.

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If you or a family member is suffering after a construction accident or any type of injury-causing event in the workplace, it may be critical to consult a resourceful attorney who will look at all the angles. You will take no financial risk when you contact us for caring counsel and insight into your legal options.