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Verdicts & Cases

ACCIDENT TYPE: Motorcycle hit by drunk driver.
LOCATION: Mechanic Street, Foxboro.
PLAINTIFFS: 51 year old female and 53 year old male, married couple, riding on a motorcycle were struck by a drunk driver on his way home from his company summer picnic. Plaintiffs were both blue collar factory workers. The claims were against the company that hosted the picnic, the catering company that served the beer and the driver.
INJURIES: Male Plaintiff sustained fractures of his arms, pelvis, left leg and left ankle. Female Plaintiff sustained a left leg amputation above the knee.

Settled 3 weeks before trial date: $2.43 million dollars.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Car Crash with fallen backhoe.
LOCATION: Route 128 in Waltham.
PLAINTIFF: 30 year old single male, white collar corporate company employee.
INJURIES: Herniated disc at L5-S1, aggravation of pre-existing lumber degenerative disc disease, 3 low back operations, substantial permanent partial impairment to the lumbo-sacral spine. Settled the day before trial was to start for $1.28 million dollars.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Trip and fall down stairs leaving work.
LOCATION: Oak Street, Newton.
PLAINTIFF: 47 year old single female, office administration work.
INJURIES: Concussion, mild traumatic brain injury with cognitive deficits and aggravation of pre-existing depression. The brain injury, cognitive deficits and depression were not diagnosed until approximately 25 months after the accident.

Settled by Mediation shortly before the trial date: $1.15 million ($950,000.00 for the third-party claim against the owner/landlord of the premises, $200,000.00 for workmen's compensation lump sum settlement).

ACCIDENT TYPE: Construction- Workermen's Compensation.
LOCATION: Andover, MA.
PLAINTIFF: 50 year old divorced crane operator/truck driver.
INJURIES: L4-5 herniated disc, microdiscectomy surgery, lumbar fusion surgery, failed back surgery syndrome with chronic lumbar pain and right sided radiculopathy.
SETTLEMENT: Workman's Compensation lump sum settlement of $600,000.00 after previously receiving $302,000.00 in workmen's compensation weekly benefits, for a total 902,000.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Motorcycle cut off by car.
LOCATION: North Reading, Route 28.
PLAINTIFF: 45 year old male, single parent, operates and manages a business.
INJURIES: Fractured tibia and fibula of the right leg, two operations, permanent partial impairment to the right leg.
SETTLED: $600,000.00.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Construction site-exploding fire hydrant.
LOCATION: Logan Airport, East Boston.
PLAINTIFF: 62 year old, married laborer.
INJURIES: Lumbosacral sprain, aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease, disc herniations at L3-4 and L4-5 with sciatica into right leg.
SETTLEMENT: $490,000.00 ($350,000.00 for third-party claim against general contractor and property owner, $140,000.00 for workmen's compensation lump sum; also additional $126,000.00 was previously recovered in weekly workmen's compensation benefits).

ACCIDENT TYPE: Slip and fall on ice- condominium outdoor mailbox area.
LOCATION: Tewksbury, MA.
PLAINTIFF: 26 year old married, pregnant woman.
INJURIES: Torn cartilage in knee, post-surgical thrombophlebitis complication,
permanent partial knee impairment.
SETTLEMENT: $465,000.00.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Car accident/hit by drunk driver.
LOCATION: Route 114 in Andover.
PLAINTIFF: 50 year old single male, gas station attendant.
INJURIES: Cervical sprain with aggravation of pre-existing degenerative joint disease, lumbar sprain with aggravation of pre-existing degenerative joint disease, permanent partial impairment of 10% of the whole person due to the neck and back impairments.
COURT: Essex County Superior Court in Lawrence.
JURY VERDICT: $350,000.00. Judgment with interest, $434,342.64.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Car accident, rear-end collision.
LOCATION: Concord, Route 2.
PLAINTIFF: 35 year old divorced female, mother of 4, dental assistant.
INJURIES: Torn labrum of the right hip, sprained right knee, permanent partial impairment to the right hip and leg.
SETTLEMENT: $425,000.00.

ACCIDENT TYPE: Slip and fall on snow and ice, parking lot of commercial building.
PLAINTIFF: 55 year old married female, office administrative worker.
INJURIES: Fractured left wrist, left shoulder bursitis and capsulitis, multiple wrist and hand surgeries with complications, permanent partial impairment to the left arm and hand.
SETTLEMENT: $400,000.00.

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